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Organising Committee

Dr Luke Formosa headshot

Dr Luke Formosa, Monash University

Luke is an NHMRC Emerging Leader Fellow and Group Leader at the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute. His group is interested in the assembly and function of the respiratory chain complexes, the transport of metabolites across membranes, and how defects in these processes lead to mitochondrial disease.

Dr Kate McArthur headshot

Dr Kate McArthur, Monash University

Kate is an NHMRC Early Career Fellow and Group Leader at the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute. Her group studies the interactions between mitochondria, cell death and immunity, and uses microscopy and biochemical assays to investigate mtDNA and its downstream signalling consequences in a range of human diseases.

Dr Simon Bond headshot

Dr Simon Bond, Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute

Simon is a Senior Research Officer at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute, where he is investigating the molecular underpinnings of mitochondrial and cardiometabolic diseases. In particular, his research seeks to understand the mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction that drive these diseases, with the goal of developing innovative therapeutic treatments.

Dr Nikeisha Caruana headshot

Dr Nikeisha Caruana, University of Melbourne

Nikeisha is an Early Career Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne recognised for multi-omic bioinformatic analysis of quantitative ‘omics methodologies including proteomics, metabolomics and transcriptomics. She is currently developing pipelines and web-based tools for processing and communicating multi-omic datasets, focussing on mitochondrial and rare diseases.

Dr Thanh Nguyen headshot

Dr Thanh Nguyen, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Thanh is a Senior Research Fellow at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. His study focusses on how cells contain and degrade their own "bad" mitochondria through lysosomes in a process termed mitophagy, to maintain the health of the mitochondrial network and to limit mitochondria-induced cell death and inflammation.

Dr Cara Timpani headshot

Dr Cara Timpani, Victoria University

Cara is a postdoctoral researcher with expertise in pre-clinical animal testing of therapeutics against muscle wasting. She is passionate about progressing novel mitochondrial/metabolic therapeutics from bench to bedside and is currently investigating a re-purposed multiple sclerosis drug as a treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The AussieMit Clinical Day program is being developed with the assistance of the Mito Foundation's Scientific and Medical Advisory Panel (SMAP).