AussieMit is an international conference celebrating excellence in mitochondrial research

AussieMit 2024 is the 8th biennial AussieMit conference.

It is Australia's largest conference related to mitochondrial biology and disease. This year it will take place 26 – 29 November at the prestigious Melbourne Museum. AussieMit is a unique opportunity for researchers, health professionals, students, and people impacted by mitochondrial disease (mito) to collaborate. Together the scientific, medical, and mito communities explore the latest breakthroughs and inspire new approaches to preventing, treating, and curing mito.

The 3rd annual Mito Community Summit will take place following AussieMit. It will be hosted by the Mito Foundation to bring together researchers, clinicians, and the mito community. Learn more about the Mito Community Summit on the Mito Foundation website.

International speakers

These international professors will speak at AussieMit 2024.

Dr Patrick Chinnery headshot

Professor at the University of Cambridge, UK

Dr Heidi McBride headshot

Professor at McGill University, Canada

Dr Carlos Moraes headshot

Professor at the University of Miami, USA

Dr Lena Pernas headshot

Assistant Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA

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